We’ve finished a 4 day ISA program.

The students had a great time. They tried to understand what the teachers said and to speak in English positively. Through the experience, they’ve grown to do something difficult without feeling embarrassed. They strongly learned, “Don’t be shy”



Students realized they can use a lot of things that they’ve learned in actual conversations.

This made them happy and motivated.


It was a new experience for students to listen to different kinds of English pronunciation. They were very interested in learning about different cultures because they had teachers from various countries.




On the final day, the students made presentations about culture in Japanese or overseas. All the students gave a presentation in groups. After that some students did it in front of everyone.

They looked so nervous before the presentations, but they did well and could get confidence.



I hope our students continue to learn English hard, so I would like to do my best to help students have fun.




Thank you very much.