Kaisei Junior High School tries to impart the importance of reflection on our students throughout their education. It’s important to consider the experiences we have had and the things we have learned so that we can plan and adjust for the future that we want.


For the graduating class of 2022, I asked them to write a few short comments about these three questions that I wanted them to consider:

“How do you feel about your time at Kaisei Junior High School?”

“What message do you want to give to your juniors?”

And “What is one thing that you want to do next year as a high school student?”


I was delighted to read how much my students have enjoyed their time at Kaisei. (Hopefully I contributed to that a little.) And I thought that a lot of the students had wonderful messages to pass on to their juniors. All our students have been going through months of exam preparations, so it’s not a surprise that many recommend that their juniors should study hard and try their best for their exams in the future. But many often wrote kind words of encouragement, like, “Don’t worry. Trust yourself.” and “Believe in yourself. You can do it.”


And, of course, there were one or two who seemed to miss the point of this exercise; encouraging their juniors to “study hard” on one page but saying that one thing they want to do as a high school student is “read a lot of comic books” on the next page.


As with every graduating class, I’m happy for all they have accomplished, sad that I probably won’t be able to see them as often as I do now, and hopeful that they will continue to try their best wherever they go and that they’ll eventually tell me about it.