Dreams can come true











【日程】  第1回 9月19日(火)  第2回 10月3日(火)


【時間】  17:00 受付   海星高校 上グラウンド(人工芝)

      17:30 体験開始 

      19:00 体験終了 


【場所】  海星高校 上グラウンド(人工芝)


【対象】  小学5年生・6年生










Dreams can come true




Nagasaki City has provided a wonderful opportunity to the young students living and studying in Nagasaki through an international homestay program.

The program is called, “Children’s Dream Experience.” This program gives students the chance to do a homestay and travel to Germany and the Netherlands over the Christmas and New Years period.

One of our students at Kaisei Junior High School, Mai Yamashita, was lucky enough to be accepted to take part in this wonderful opportunity this year.






To apply for this program, she had to write an essay about why she should be considered for the program. And later she had to go through an interview. It was a long and difficult process, but she tried her best.






After she found out that she had been accepted into the program, I asked her some questions about her application process, what she’s looking forward to and if she has any advice for other students who might be interested in similar programs in the future.




Alex : When did you first find out about the “children’s dream experience” program?

Mai  :  I learned about it one month ago.

Alex :  How did you first hear or see about the program?

Mai  :  I first found out about the program from an information sheet given out at school and checked if my teacher recommended it.

 Alex : What do you think was the most difficult part of your application process?

Mai  : It was difficult to find a lot of relevant information when writing my application essay.

Alex : After your essay was accepted, how long did you spend practicing for the interview?

Mai  : After my essay was accepted, I spent about 4 days practicing after school for an hour and half with my teachers. And at home I thought about the content of the interview and practiced more.

Alex : What are you looking for to doing in Germany?

Mai  :  I’m looking forward to trying German food and seeing beautiful views.

Alex : What are you looking forward to doing in the Netherlands?

Mai  : I’m looking forward to my homestay.

Alex : What advice would you give to any other students who want to apply for overseas programs in the future?

Mai  :  While getting advice from your teachers, spend a lot of time trying your best to prepare.


All the teaching staff at Kaisei wish the best for Mai’s trip to Germany and the Netherlands, and we all look forward to hearing about it more after she returns.