Actually, we’ve already begun.






Today marks one week until this school year’s last round of testing for Kaisei students. It’s no surprise that most students have already been preparing for the coming tests, but you might be surprised to learn that most Kaisei Junior High School students have already begun taking their tests.


 At Kaisei Junior High School, every standardized English test has a series of listening problems as part of the test. However, starting from second year, Kaisei students also do conversation tests as part of each English test that they do throughout the year. These tests always take place before the paper tests.



 These tests start a simple questions and answers for second year students, most of whom haven’t taken an interview test in English before and need to practice simple listening skills and appropriate replies. However, the tests begin to use content similar to Eiken level 3 interview tests for 2nd year students as the year progresses and Eiken level Pre-2 for 3rd year students.



 While the tests are not the exact same as the Eiken interview tests, they are a good way to introduce students to that test system, too. This allows students to judge for themselves their current capabilities versus the requirements for a nation-wide test system and helps them to prepare for the tests: whether they want to attempt to take it as junior high school students or potentially take it at some time in the future.




 It’s important for us to prepare our students for whatever challenges they may face over the years.