Student Election Results














Student Election Results


Elections are an important part of life in democratic societies. Last week the junior high school students used their voices to elect several students to represent their interests for the coming year.

For many first year students this was their first time experiencing the election process.

The student council has eight members, but today I’m going to introduce the four members of next year’s student council that the students elected.

The student council president for next year will be Hayashi Aki. Aki is a member of the current student council, so he’s familiar with how it operates. Aki’s also in the badminton club. He has been a member of the club for 2 years and recently finished 3rd in a big tournament. He is happy that he can practice badminton with his high school seniors throughout each week.

Between his fondness for sports and his interest in history, Aki can’t decide whether his favorite subject is social studies or P.E. One goal he would like to achieve in the student council this year is to make the ground available to students during lunch breaks.




The 2nd year vice-president will be Matsuo Riri. Riri is a member of this year’s student council, too. Riri’s favorite school subject is math. She likes it because in math there can only be one correct answer. She’s a member of the amateur broadcasting club and enjoys dancing in her free time. Riri wants to try her best to make everyone’s lives a little easier and more fun. If possible, she would like to change the school rules preventing junior high students from bringing mobile phones to school.

I’m sure Aki and Riri’s experience with the current student council will help them to lead a smooth and effective student council next year, too.


Ito Ayano will be the 1st year vice-president. She hopes to work with the student council towards more lenient rules for girls’ hair styles. She’s a member of the calligraphy club.

She thinks the calligraphy club members get along well and that it’s a good club to be in. If she has any free time, she likes to spend it talking to her friends. Ayano’s favorite class is technology and home economics. She enjoys it because she can learn about many things that she never knew about.



Elected to the position of secretary is Inenaga Megumi. She is a first-year student and a member of two school clubs: the calligraphy club and the tea ceremony club. She really enjoys how she can interact with many people through both of her clubs. She has enjoyed reading books in her free time since she was in kindergarten and continues to do so.

Her favorite subject is English, and she hopes to work overseas in the future. Like Ayano, Megumi would like to alter the school rules regarding girls’ hair styles if she can.



While not elected, there are two more first year students who will be part of next year’s council and are also members of the calligraphy club or the tea ceremony club: Yume Nagata and Kadowaki Hinako. Similarly, two second year students, Inoue Ami and Takeguchi Keiko will also be part of the student council. They have also expressed interest in changing the rules regarding limitations on girls’ hair styles or bringing mobile phones to school for junior high school students.

I’m sure next year’s student council will work hard to find a compromise on these issues that would please both the school and the students.