International cultural exchange









International cultural exchange

One of the benefits of having a friendly relationship with the international program at Kwassui University is that we are sometimes able to host groups of their international students and demonstrate parts of Japanese culture and school life to them.

 On April 26th, 7 international students visited Kaisei Junior and Senior High School. They started with a tea ceremony demonstration from the Tea Ceremony Club. This was the first time they had experienced Japanese tea ceremony.



 When I asked, many of them commented that they were surprised by the sweets, both their flavor and use as part of the tea ceremony. And others commented that the captain of the Tea Ceremony Club, Hamaguchi Kokoa, showed amazing dedication and skill.

 After having some tea, they joined the English club.



 Several of the international students gave presentations about their countries in English. Then they all participated in some group discussions over snacks, both local and foreign.



 It was a great opportunity for students to find out details about foreign countries from people who lived there. Students could ask questions about their interests that may not have been covered in the presentations.



(Both the English Club and the Tea Ceremony Club have junior and senior high school members.)